Driving, Not Once

There was this report on Six Twee Minutes about a guy who was driving his car, he was texting on his phone, this made him spill his coffee, he drove right into a cow that had wandered out of an unlocked gate, and I have to say that I’m in agreement with the guest expert: cars ARE dangerous. If any one of us can plow into a cow at any moment, then why take the risk of driving at all? Look at me, for instance; 67 years and I’ve never sat behind the wheel of anything. I’m doing fine, and so can everyone else.

The dapper host had a very different idea, and the two engaged in a heated debate during the forty-five seconds allotted to that particular story. He specifically mentioned Bradford, actually. I mean, I know Bradford car servicing does exist, but I didn’t think we’d score a mention on something so prestigious. Have I lived me entire life in the presence of something so prestigious as an award-winning mechanic industry, and just never known it? Goodness, this is like living in the middle of a theme park and not liking Princesses.

The host was saying that all the factors of a case have to be considered, like how in this instance, user error may have played a role. There’s no guarantee that mechanical failure was to blame here, and even that is subject to outside forces. Maybe, just maybe, the fact that this fellow was texting while driving and drinking coffee near a gate that a farmer had left open had something to do with him hitting the cow.

I appreciate the confidence in automobiles, but I still won’t drive them myself. This award-winning industry for aircon regas services close to Bendigo will have to continue without me, I’m afraid. I’m too old to learn to drive now, and this is a semi-rural area, so…cows. Cows are always going to be a problem.