Everything is Blocky


So basically, it looks like the future will be people building everything out of blocks. Sort of like Lego, but even more heavy duty and not as trademarked. I gave a presentation tonight at the Futurist Club about how homes of the future are going to be far more fluid than they are at the moment. People are already travelling more, becoming rolling stones, and soon this will culminate in most homes being made out of colourful blocks that you can just take wherever. This is a flawless hypothesis and I expect it to happen sometime within… oh, maybe 5-10 years?

Now, I know what you’re thinking, as everyone at the club thought: the title transfers alone are going to be a nightmare. There’s the conveyancing requirements Melbourne has in place, the property ownership laws, the government owned land… how can any of this be possible? Well, it can’t. Not at the moment. But soon, conveyancers will be given emergency powers to get everything rolling, and they’ll be able to shift everything around like property transferring demigods. 

I think this is going to be sometime after the giant tsunami that wipes out most property but leaves humanity unscathed because that was the year we decided to hold the Olympics on the actual Mount Olympus and everyone was really curious to see what that would be like so they flocked to the mountain. And after the tsunami we came down and were all bummed that our homes were gone, but we decided…hey. It’s all good. Let’s build our homes out of blocks. But what about all the home and land regulations? Oh wait, there aren’t any homes left to regulate. Let’s take people who know the sale of land act 1962 and make them the unofficial leaders of the post-tsunami world.

So conveyancers will be king, we can move wherever we like and you can even choose what colour your home will be. What, I ask you, is so illogical about any of that?