My Botanical Balcony

I might only have a planter box on the balcony, but that’s not going to stop me from having a beautiful garden. I’m going to be THAT person, the one who looks like they have a whole botanical garden stuffed inside their apartment and it looks like it’s spilling out. People will look upwards and see what I have wrought, and they’ll be inspired. Also, I’ll be the only one with this set-up, so everyone else will have drab balconies while mine are covered in scarlet runners and climbing guinea flowers.
I’m not used to living in an apartment. At least, I’m not used to it YET. Give it a few weeks and maybe I’ll be zipping up and down the stairs and using the rubbish chute properly, but at the moment I’m left wondering if everyone else can hear the Vaughn family’s extremely loud games nights, three times a week, and if I’m going to have to learn to live with it. How worked up CAN a person get while playing Connect Four? Apparently to the point of apoplexy.
This small garden is my attempt to have the best of both worlds, I suppose. Which us funny because I never paid much attention to the garden before, but now that I don’t have one I find myself terribly wistful. Feels like it’s working, as well. Old Mrs Tanenbaum said that she saw my calla lilies when she was coming back from shopping the other day, and she got herself along to the nearest garden centre that very day so she could try to replicate my success. Looks like I’m about to have some competition, although of the friendly sort.
Suppose that’s a sign that I should continue. I’ll stumble along, see what works on a balcony, maybe try some gerbera summertime although it’s a bit early. They’re closer to the sun up here. And let’s face it…what else IS there to do with a small balcony? I’m not having any parties up here.