The Home Empire

Well, if all the hot property is under the sea, I suppose I’d better get on that. No use running a housing empire if you’re missing out on a huge chunk of real estate, and unlike when our family arrived in Melbourne over a hundred years ago, this is brand new property. Best get an early start on all the fun, so we can reap the rewards.

We certainly got started as early as possible, however. Early on, when high-level property conveyancing Melbourne is now so excited about was still an emerging phenomenon, we were there. The Clancy family has always been one to jump on new ventures: the horse and carriage, the invention of the musket, tempered steel for use in medieval battles rather than bronze. Property conveyancing was, perhaps, where it truly took off, an industry for a modern era that remains as popular as it was back then.

There wasn’t too much work to go around back then, to be perfectly fair. People were seizing land willy-nilly, so most of the work of conveyancers was telling people that there needs to be order, and if you want to leave your shack and build another shack, there should be regulations in order to do that sort of thing. A few decades later, the sale of land act 1962 came along and suddenly there was order like never before. This made acquiring land legally quite a bit more painless and hassle-free, which eventually leads up to our acquiring Whitehall Chapel, all thanks to our connections to a local title transfer specialist.

It’s truly a remarkable industry, revolutionising the noble profession of the property mogul and just…generally making everyone’s lives a bit easier. And to think, my great, great grandfather was seriously considering funding the tri-plane industry. What a twist of fate that would’ve been.