Disgusting Bathroom Sink

Okay, I just want to preface and say I’m sorry in advance for how disgusting this blog post will be. Plumbing, sewerage and the matter that goes into the sewerage that I can’t even bring myself to mention, has always made me feel very ill. I am definitely not cut out to be a plumber, and I admire the situations plumbers put themselves in. It’s something that I would never want to do, but thankfully some people do it. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with this problem forever.

So I’ve gotten sidetracked, which is probably because I don’t want to discuss what I’m about to mention, but here goes. There was a gut-wrenching, sickening smell coming out of my bathroom sink yesterday. I tried putting chemicals down the sink and that was unsuccessful, so I didn’t hesitate to call a drain plumber. I was almost in tears describing the problem to him, due to a combination of remembering the smell and knowing how disgusting the whole process would be. 

I actually left my house for a few hours before the plumber arrived, simply because I couldn’t stand to be there. It made me feel sick to my stomach knowing that there was something inside my drain making it smell so bad, and I didn’t want to hang around and contemplate what that thing could be. I arrived home to let the plumber in and give him the go-ahead to do any necessary drain repairs. Oakleigh, thankfully, has plenty of things to keep me entertained, so I didn’t return to my house until well into the evening, when I was sure the plumber was gone and the sink had been fixed. 

When I got home, I apprehensively checked the bathroom with my hand covering my mouth and nose. When I couldn’t smell anything, I slowly removed my hand to find that the smell had gone and the plumber had fixed my drain. I almost cried tears of joy. Now, I hope to never think about this again. Bye.