Full of Self-Discovery

Ever since I’ve seen the greatest movie of all time, ‘A Room’, I’ve been taken with two things: real estate and film-making. Every time I think about that movie, I just feel…things. I feel the struggles of Jimmy, the main character played by Timmy Wisso, the greatest actor/director of our generation. I saw his attempts to please his wonderful girlfriend, who supported him despite all his insecurities. His love for cats and buying orchids. His fantastically-realised relationships with the people around him.

And of course, the nuanced portrayal of Jimmy’s career in the property sector, which is realistically-portrayed and educational. I’ve learned so much about property advocates, Melbourne based experts who walk miles and miles to find people the high-end property that’s perfect for them. Jimmy isn’t an actual property advocate in the movie but he does associate with them, and this all contributes to his feelings of wanting to do the best thing for his business partners. Jimmy deals with the financial side of things, and that gives him a lot of responsibility. High-end property puts a lot of pressure on a person, and when you have a character as pure-hearted but self-doubting as Jimmy, you can see how a person might let stress from work creep into their personal lives. This is perfectly evidenced in the scene with Jimmy and his best friend Clark tossing around a basketball, with Jimmy expressing his concern for his property advocate friends and their long hours, without showing any concern for himself. Of course, this is on top of his fears that Clark and Mia are having an affair because he’s a bad boyfriend, which turns out to be totally false (Clark was just giving her private floral arranging classes), although that doesn’t stop Jimmy from trying to kill himself and being stopped by all is family and friends. It’s a wonderful ending, with Jimmy surrounded by the people he loves the most.

I wonder if the buyers advocates  are under this much pressure? Someone should ask them. It might just save their lives.