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Does anyone else have an overbearing mother in law? If you do, I’m sure mine is ten times worse. My mother in law has been a thorn in my side since the very day I met my husband. I’ll tell you what, they weren’t lying when they said ‘you marry the man, you marry his family’. In this case, I definitely feel like I married the family. Sometimes I feel like I’m in more of a relationship with his mother than I am him! Don’t get me wrong, my husband is a great guy. He’s a real soft and gentle soul, and sometimes I think that’s where the issue is. Given the fact that he is so calm, his mother likes to use this as a way to nudge in. It’s infuriating and insufferable. 

The most recent cause of tension between myself and my mother in law is my daughter’s eyesight. My daughter has a lazy eye that is currently going through corrective measures. Now, as a responsible mother I am taking all the correct steps to ensure my daughter has regular eye check ups. Despite never having missed an appointment, I always have my mother in law in my ear telling me ‘don’t forget to book an optometrist appointment. Bayside gets booked out fast!’ She can tell me this all she likes, I have never missed a booking and Bayside has never been totally booked out. 

My mother in law has this idea in her head that everything I do must be vetted through her. I think it’s because she’s been a mother before, so therefore believes she knows best. Even when it came to choosing the best children’s optometrist near me, she had lots to say! I mean when was the last time she needed to book a children’s optometrist? What on earth is she going to know! I really wish my husband would put his foot down a bit more with her. It’s like he’s still scared of her. He’s a successful man with his own house and family, yet she still has this hold over him.