Maybe I’ll Invest

You know, the property market was something I was considering a few years ago. Those were the days…when I could comfortably do an online search for how to buy your first investment property and not feel like it was a total pipe dream.

Then the kids came along, I had to quit my job, and then I encountered my very first possum after it came through my window one night, drawn by the scent of my botanical oils shampoo. The rest is history, but I could’ve been a property mogul. The stars just didn’t align, as they often do not. There was even a little old conveyancing near Sandringham where I used to live, which I only know about because my friend Hestia used to clean the place. I always imagined that I’d go in there, get my cup of tea and have a serious office chat about all the properties I’d like to purchase and what will be required with all those property transfers in my name. The floors would be neatly carpeted, and there would be mints on the desk.

No use crying about how things turned out, though. My cousin Greg started doing that right when he was about to fire me from his company. That gave me time to really think about my future and what I wanted to do with my life. So that’s why I tell my kids…no complaining! It never gets you anywhere, it just wastes time, and that’s time that could be spent solving the problem.

One day I’ll have my chance again. My business will turn into an empire (ha!) and I’ll find my personal, private conveyancing lawyers to deal with the millions of dollars I’ll be pouring into my investment properties. Now that’s the spirit. Probably should focus on raising my kids first. Although their mother tends to take care of that most of the time, for good reason too.