Gardening or Not

Funny how a visit from an actual time traveller has thrown the whole group into a tizzy. You’d think that someone from the actual future would be like Christmas for us. Instead, we called an emergency meeting while Jayne was supposedly recovering from her time travel jet-lag, just so we could discuss whether she’s actually legitimate. That’s reasonable, I suppose.

Then I came home that night and I was just so confused. Maybe people just aren’t supposed to know what the future holds? I just started a garden, a little flowerbed of my very own. I was planning on growing some agapanthus cascade diamonds. Didn’t even know what they were until I took a chance and bought some online, and now they seem to be in the early stages. I’m sure they’ll look wonderful. Except according to Jayne, in 2019 there’s a huge drought that leaves most the flowers withered. Eventually we have to import them from Japan because despite mass flooding caused by the emergence of a deep-sea monster, their flower industry is going great.

So why bother growing flowers? Of course, my agapanthus could be just fine and Jayne could be lying. Or maybe her travelling from the future has caused a butterfly effect that means I can keep growing whatever I like, because the drought has been averted. Might even buy some double hippeastrums. They’re in season now, and the one thing I know at this point is that I should be sticking to things that are pretty easy to grow.

But still…I can’t help looking out the window with a hint of dread. All my hard work, all those hours spent digging up dirt and watering. My agapanthus, and the trixi big eye I was maybe going to sell at the market. Will it all be gone in a few months, after which Tasmania secedes from the rest of the country to become a sovereign theocracy by a pope, which causes New Zealand to be converted into a gigantic mobile island powered by engines that push it across the ocean to wherever the people vote to go?

No one knows what the future holds. No one SHOULD know.