Missed The Appointment

I got to my daughter’s optometry appointment five minutes before the end of my time slot. That wasn’t enough time for the esteemed optometrist to do a full check-up of my daughter, and because the person whose appointment was after mine was already there, we ended up having to miss our appointment. I’m now sitting in the waiting room with my daughter hoping that there will be another no-show or late arrival and that we can take their appointment with the local behavioural optometrist.  

By the time I sat down in the waiting room with my daughter, there were only two minutes left of my daughter’s appointment. It was embarrassing, to say the least. Especially with one of the more nosey mothers in the area judging me for being late. Why did she have to be the appointment scheduled after me? That’s just my luck.

With one minute to go, I opened up a magazine and pretended to read it. I didn’t want to make eye contact with the nosey mother and have her spread gossip about me in the school playground. She is certainly the type of person to do that. Just mind your own business, Lisa.

I hope that I’m forgiven by the optometrist. Cheltenham is a small suburb and there isn’t another good optometrist for children anywhere nearby. I want to be in the optometrist’s good books so that I don’t have to travel hours to take my daughter to an optometry appointment. I guess I should have thought about this before deciding to gossip with my coworker for thirty minutes. Shrug. We all make mistakes.

Anyway, now I’ve got to figure out how to tell my daughter that we missed the appointment and will have to wait for another one. She was ready early like I told her to be, and I know she’s not going to be happy about missing out on playtime.