Need More Darkness

Being a goth is hard, man. Doesn’t help that I came way too late to the party, and all the others have moved onto making internet memes and otherwise living normal lives, so specific services have declined. You can maybe find yourself a goth themed night at one of the nightclubs, and clothing is easy; just buy something black and tear it up a bit. Otherwise, you’re a tiny speck in an ocean of subcultures that are more acceptable. Though there’s always window tinting, which is great. Currently, window tinting services in Melbourne are incredibly popular due to everyone in the business world wanting it done. Perhaps it’s a corporate espionage thing, you know? People spying through windows with binoculars. Can’t just have cyber-security, not until every single office is totally paperless. So now every single office is getting tinted windows, there are plenty of really great companies who can make your windows as dark as you like, and for me that’s excellent. I’ve already booked full tinting coverage for my whole house, maximum strength, so I never have to see the sun ever again if I don’t want to. Well…I’ll still get enough light not to have to put the lights on permanently, so my electricity bills aren’t going through the roof at least. It’ll just be dimmer, darker, drearier, more depressing. When I host parties for my friends, they’ll be able to feel right at home at we sit around, listening to death metal and feeling sorry for ourselves for some reason, I don’t know. I don’t think there’s actually a reason; it’s just helpful for the air of dour indifference.

Now I need to push for commercial office glass tinting at work. We seem to be one of the few places left that doesn’t have it, and it hurts my eyes a little each morning. You know, because my home is so tinted. Everywhere SHOULD be tinted, really. It’s better for your eyes.