From A to B

I seriously don’t know why everyone is so obsessed with ratings around here. Yes, you need a certain amount for the TV station to keep making stuff, but really…isn’t that secondary to our main goal of bringing quality programming to Melbourne and beyond? ‘From A to B’ doesn’t get millions of people tuning in, but I like to think that the people who ARE watching at 10pm on weekdays are getting something out of experience. Leave the breakroom squabbling alone, we have educational programs to create!

This week we take to the high seas with a set of high-octane interviews with the high-calibre folks who do marine stainless steel welding. Ever wondered how all those boats get onto the water? Or who attaches the fishing rod holders? Well, we’ll be up close and personal with some of Melbourne’s finest, as we investigate boats and stuff.

Well…I hope. Last week we only just barely managed to make it in on time, mostly due to how we had to drive all the way across the city to find people who service Vespas. To be perfectly honest, I’m thinking we can make marine stainless steel welding a couple of weeks long at least. I’m sure it’ll be a great topic once we get down to it, there’s the big and small stuff to cover (big ships all the way down to the fitting of stuff like fishing rod holders and stainless steel snapper racks), and I’m running out of ideas fast so I need to fill up the weeks with SOMETHING.

Holey moley, how do other people DO this for so long? I guess some have found a niche with a lot of mileage, but still, I wonder if doing this for more than a few months will lead me to become like them: competitive, always muscling my way into the next big story. Maybe…but I’m not counting out snapper racks just yet. I have plenty of fishing anecdotes to fill the time, and perhaps it’ll be a big hit all on its own. And if not, there’s always Melbourne’s hidden roller-blade culture.