Renovations For Elderly

I just had the most beautiful bathroom renovation completed in my home. For about a month now my husband and I have showered in a double shower each morning, enjoyed relaxing deep baths, and brushed our teeth side by side in our double vanity. We worked with an expert team of people who specialised in bespoke bathroom renovations around the Melbourne area. They did such an incredible job that I cried when I saw the final product. 

So, you can imagine my dismay when my husband sat me down last week and told me that his elderly mother could no longer live by herself anymore. I initially thought that meant we would have to start looking for nursing homes for her, and being the great wife I am, I offered to lead the project. My husband stopped me mid-sentence to say that he and his siblings had agreed that she would move in with us to save money and so that she could be with family. I’ve been so upset ever since.

Don’t get me wrong, I love my mother-in-law, but I don’t want to see her every second of every day. She’s great in small doses, especially when I can leave when I don’t want to talk to her anymore, which I’m no longer going to be able to do. Pretty much, the news was terrible and I tried to reason with my husband with no luck. 

What didn’t dawn on me until the next day was that to accommodate my mother-in-law, we are going to have to change our perfect, new bathroom and do bathroom renovations for elderly people. I feel sick. My husband has said that the way our bathroom is now would be a hazard for anyone with mobility issues and that it will have to change. I burst into tears right then and there. Unfortunately, there’s more to come. I’ll update you in my next post.