Car Themed Blog

I want to see how many car-related words I can seamlessly put into one blog post. It’s a (car) part of my creative writing class, you see. We have to integrate words into a post that don’t detract from the quality of the writing, but rather add a (tyre) service. I’m not sure if I’m going to do a great job as of yet, but as soon as I mention getting an auto transmission service near Brunswick then BAM! I’m repairing this blog post by starting with the very nuts and bolts of the content.

Okay, I’m sick of this now.  I’m going to just start writing about a person who got a car service one time. That satisfies the brief, doesn’t it? I’ll still fill it with as many car phrases as possible. Like this person who went and got a car service, I’m sure he also checked out new tyres for his car and maybe asked his mechanic about getting a tyre repair service. 

Or maybe his tyres were in perfect condition and he actually needed a brake pad repair. Who knows really, this guy could have the worst possible luck with his car. It’s possible that everything is wrong and he’ll need to get a roadworthy certificate too. 

Poor guy, it’s going to cost him a fortune when he visits the car mechanic in the Brunswick area and he has to get all these things fixed up in his car. I hope he’s made of money, but also I assume he wouldn’t be if he’s let his car get into such bad shape. Rich people can afford to get their cars repaired whenever they want. They probably just buy a brand new car every couple of years and only ever need to get logbook services.

Anyway, how did I do? Did I put enough car-related words in this blog post? I’ll be submitting it to my writing class, but I’d love the feedback from my audience first!