That’s No Curse…


Termites and spiders and mice, oh my! Things in Realsville have taken a turn for the worse after the hidden treasure of the hospital basement was found and taken without the proper ceremony. Now it seems like an ancient curse has fallen upon the town, except not really. I don’t know Week of Our Lives would ever do anything that silly…it’s a very grounded show. Still, Patricia Newton has called for a meeting at the town hall where she’s finally managed to convince a good number of her crazy beliefs, and now everyone thinks that the unusual spate of mice and rates in the town is because of some treasure curse.

They even got in a real life pest control expert from Sorrento (that is, a real life pest control expert who was fake, being played by an actor, but was from Sorrento in the show) who said that actually, it was a buildup of improper waste disposal facilities that’s caused the population of mice and rats to grow out of control. But Patricia has stirred everyone into a frenzy, and they’re almost all convinced that the only way to remove the curse is to get rid of all their cats. Then the vengeful mice spirits will leave them alone and go to haunt somewhere else that still has their hated enemy living in their homes.

I think it’s a subtle and powerful commentary on human nature and the mob mentality, and I applaud the writing team for taking this bold step. Also, a glimpse into what Berwick pest control companies have to deal with on a daily basis: pests, mice, rats, spiders, and crazed townsfolk who refuse to accept that their pest problems are due to basic negligence, and not an ancient curse. I’ve never considered things from their perspective…but now, I’m glad that I’ve been given the opportunity.