Too Much Festivity

Doreen not only has the decorations up, but she’s also covered the place in Christmas wallpaper. Is this just a tradition she does every year or something? We all walked into the office on Monday and found the place decked out like Santa’s palace, and I just can’t fathom why the boss would make such permanent changes. The office Christmas party is expensive enough already. Now Doreen has put it in the Mavis Court newsletter than she herself writes (and only she reads) but everyone will see her new Christmas home on the front page before they throw it in the recycling.

So I’m just a Grinch then. Even if it’s removable wallpaper, I’m not going to transform my kitchen into a winter wonderland. The children aren’t going to run downstairs one day to see the living room sparkling with fake snow on the skirting boards and reindeer wallpaper coating every surface. I’ll put up the lights and the tree as per usual, only this year I’ll feel like a total failure for reasons beyond my control.

It’s not my fault that the world is going mad! I’d be fine with getting some normal, floral wallpaper, maybe even stretching to give the whole place a more rustic look. Sometimes those can look great, if the rest of the house works with the theme. Could get the laundry done, have one of those step-access bathrooms with the themed colours (I’d go for purple for the walls…it’s the best colour for that sort of room), and our house could look fantastic. I’ll look up the the best tropical wallpaper providers around, right now. Palm trees all year round, so vibrant and bright that we don’t ever even need to go on holiday.

But…not for Christmas. For the rest of the year, when you actually have to live life. Please, let’s all stop for a moment and regain a bit of sanity.