The Bayside Cooling Story

It’s so hot I think my creativity is melting. But really, I can feel it leaking out of my brain like…I don’t know, ice cubes in a cool beverage that’s been left on the table too long. I just can’t perform my art in this heat, but I’m banned from the lounge, which is where all the air con is. Apparently my housemates got tired of me letting my rabbits run loose, and then…alright, perhaps I wasn’t AS diligent as I could’ve been at picking up what they leave behind.

It’s so lovely and cool in there, though; I could be writing entire verses about air conditioning services in South Yarra that provide such cool goodness, but instead I’m lying on my bed in my room, baking, cooking, roasting, and trying to think of something that ISN’T another verse about how the sun gives us sunny sunshine.

Seriously, that’s as good as the verse gets in my latest ballad, The Sun, Sunny Sunshine, and the Sunniest of Suns Around, Yee-Haw! It’s all cowboy-themed, for whatever reason. I think it’s because I have a cactus on my windowsill, and whenever I’m lying on my bed and looking out the window I just see that cactus and a whole lot of sunlight.

If only the local air conditioning repair people would come and provide me with cooling in exchange for a song in their honour. It’d be a great song, one in many parts that sang the praises of cooling technicians all across Australia, but particularly in Melbourne. We NEED cooling in Melbourne. Everywhere else is hot and they’re just used to it, but we get such a variety of seasons and temperatures, every other day…sometimes multiple times in a single day.

Usually the changing seasons are my muse, but at this point I’d be happy with eternal winter.

That’s be the album title. Eternal Winter: The Untold Story of Bayside Air Conditioning. Catchy title right? I’m excited to share my latest tracks with my adoring fans.