Ventilate Wildly

I’m just about at my wits’ end with this laundry, which has the dimensions of a shoebox and is about as inviting as an old boot. You wouldn’t think a laundry could be this much of an issue, would you? After all, it’s just a laundry – it’s not like I’m hanging out there recreationally for hours on end, or inviting my friends there for cocktails. But I’m beginning to find that my laundry simply isn’t getting done on account of me not wanting to go near that mildew-infested hole. 


Urgent action is required, clearly, in the form of laundry room renovations. Melbourne home buyers are no doubt getting more discerning about this sort of thing, so I’m sure it’s a worthwhile investment – if not in my own sanity (which may or may not be beyond restoration at this point), then at least in adding value to my house. 


It’s not the sort of thing I’d ever have envisaged myself doing. If you’d asked me five years ago about renovating my laundry, I’d have scoffed at the idea, thinking it was something for people with too much money and time on their hands. I mean, why do up your laundry when you could be putting your resources into a kitchen replacement


The latter is much more up my alley, truth be told – I spend at least an hour in the kitchen every day, and it would be great to tighten up the aesthetic in there. If I didn’t already have a perfectly serviceable kitchen, I’d probably take it under serious consideration.

Put it this way: I wouldn’t say no to some seamlessly integrated storage solutions, more workspace and some new German appliances, not to mention designer finishes and a cutting-edge colour scheme. What’s the equivalent of that in a laundry? I guess the storage solutions probably apply, and some hanging space wouldn’t go astray. But mostly, it’s all about the ventilation.