Lulabelle, I Think

Do they seriously have to premiere all the good shows at the same time? Like, what kind of diabolical studio executive decided that this would be a good idea? Ugh, terrible.

You’ve got Week of Our Lives on one channel at 7:30, Lizard’s Lair is ALSO on at 7:30, and Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation, Echolocation is on at 7…except it goes for an hour. 

If we didn’t live in an era of catch-ups and easy recording, I’d be driven nuts. Still, I have to decide on ONE show to watch live, and it’s agonising each and every time. 

Tonight I went with Lizard’s Lair because the preview was all about tattoos. I went to get a tattoo in Siargao when I was younger, you know…I was on schoolies, I met a very nice girl, and on the third net of our relationship, while we were walking hand-in-hand on the beach and not entirely sober, she asked me what I would do to prove our love. First thing I could think of was getting a tattoo of her face, and that’s what I did. 

I mean, I’m pretty sure this is her face. I, I got up to some really wild stuff, and some really shady stuff, and I don’t remember much of what went down. We only had flip phones back then, and I remember showing the tattoo artist a grainy picture of a girl on my phone and asking for it to be put on my shoulder. There’s definitely *a* girl still there, but our romance ended after schoolies, and I can’t quite remember her face.

Anyway…oh yeah, the show. My interest was piqued by someone who’s apparently created a ‘Tattoo Editor’. Instead of getting the tattoo lasered, you can simply order a portable kit of colours and pens that work with any tattoo, allowing you to quickly and easily change it to something similar. 

That was the idea, anyway. The guy rolled up his sleeve to supposedly edit a tattoo on his forearm that said ‘MARY’ to make it ‘SALLY’, and he ended up overfilling his brush-needle. 

They carted him off the hospital, and I’m just thinking I’ll drive to a tattoo shop. Surfers Paradise has a few good ones. I’m sure they can help me get rid of…this girl on my shoulder. 

Lucy. Lucinda.