Watch Out, it’s Spender Man!

Financial horror is the new and biggest thing. And wow, I just never knew number crunching could be so spooky and terrifying? Like, I hate maths as much as the next person, and now that I’m living away from home in my first student house I’m all like ‘whoa, finances and whatever’. But still, add in a bit of cinematography and you have a real horror show. AND it’s educational, so there. I went to the cinema and I learned a thing.

This one was pretty great as well; it’s based off that urban legend, ‘Spender Man’, about the guy who spends loads of money when he shouldn’t. He’s a fresh-faced new guy working in business, and he decides he’s going to hire one of the best property advocates Melbourne has ever known to find him a home. All this despite knowing that he can’t really afford either the service OR the home. It just feels to him like something that businesspeople do, and he’s vastly overestimating his means. So he ends up wasting the time of the property advocate, spending most of his money on their services and then not actually buying a home. But it gets worse. Spender Man just keeps spending, maxing out a bunch of credit cards on stupid things. Then he has to scrub his identity and flee to Cuba to escape the debt collectors, where he starts his life again and annoys the property advocates THERE as well with his frivolous and unthinking ways. And so, Spender Man blazes a trail across the world, becoming the world’s most notorious debt evader.

A cautionary tale for all of us. Not that I’m thinking of looking up a property advocate company here in Melbourne…until I finish uni, that is. Then I can go nuts because I’ll be working in finance.

Or…no, wait, that was the cautionary tale! I shouldn’t get a buyers advocate and plan several five-star trips to Ibiza, because that…is bad. For some reason.