The Only Thing Better Than a Play Center is More Play Center

Play centres are great, but do you know what would be greater? Indoor Play Centre Summer Camps.

Hear me out; I think this is gonna be big. So you’re tired of play centres closing at night, right? Ugh, what a bore. As great as the kids party venues for hire near Menai are, they do close at night. And then you have to take your child home, a place that is almost certainly less fun than a play centre.

But let’s say you get a bunch of young, spritely folks together who just love working with kids. You know the types. Always happy to the point of being just a little bit manic, and they don’t mind the thought of dressing up in a weird costume or doing the actions to a song, if it makes the children happy. These people sign up for two weeks, and then you go to the play centre as per usual, and then you just sort of…leave your kids there. For two weeks.

And then you go to Port Douglas for a week, or something?

Meanwhile, your kids are having the best time of their lives being at the play centre 24/7, doing activities, going on scavenger hunts, making new friends and generally not even noticing that you’re gone. Sound good?

Alright, I haven’t really done a lot of research on the legality of leaving your children somewhere for that long, when they’re pretty young. Okay, so we make it a day thing! You drop your kids off at the play centre, they have a whale of a time for four or five hours singing songs and learning about volcanoes (I’m a little bit out of touch with the school system) and you pick them up after they’re tuckered out.

Tell me there’s not a single indoor play centre open anywhere in Menai who wouldn’t go for that idea. Although to be fair, I haven’t actually…checked if anything like that exists. Just sort of assumed that no one would want to look after children for quite that long.