When I Get That Feeling

Now that the office is back to normal, things are running as per usual…and for me, that means business trips. I had a nice little break, but I suppose it’s time to get back on that plane. Sometimes multiple times a day, in fact, since I often fly in, have a meeting and fly out. It’s a bit tiring, but…well, there are perks. I read a lot of books, and a few times I’ve been put up in a hotel room. They’re always quite nice.

Funny thing about meetings in Sydney…well, they seem to have a cooling fascination. The last few times I’ve been to Canberra, the air conditioning repair in people’s offices has been just frigid, like a…fridge! It’s like walking into a fridge! The first few times I’ve wondered if they need some air con services, before I realised that’s just how they like it. It’s as if they want foreign visitors to know for sure that this is Australia, land of air conditioning and people dashing from one building to the next so they can be in the cool air, because it’s SO hot all year round. The thing is, Sydney has quite a mild climate. Not too hot, not too cold. A bit of air conditioning on the hot days definitely doesn’t go awry, but what they have right now is just overkill. I swear, one time I even saw my breath. I just…don’t feel like that should be a real thing.

I still get the urge sometimes. Y’know…the handyman urge. I feel an intense desire to offer my services to fix their air con unit, which may or may not be in actual need of fixing. I mean…it might be. I wouldn’t leave it on for that long, but I know all about the high-flying corporations in Canberra. Air conditioning can’t be neglected by these people, because the comfort of employees is a major thing. You have to keep them cool and watered, I learned that early when I started to work where I was. Still, maybe the boss just really likes his cold temperatures, and he hasn’t noticed that his PA is shivering outside because he’s so very busy. Next time I’m just going to ask. Nice. I’m going to ask…nicely.