Away From Light


I’m not one for investment properties, in general. I own a few, but that’s just stock-standard for people with as much wealth as us. They’re not my main business; I leave that side of things to the Clancy family, and their rivals, and they all have a nice set of squabbles over who gets what.

This whole underwater living craze does interest me, however, as something of a ‘level’ playing field. It’s a brand new property market and people are only just starting to jump on it. Not to mention that submarines and new renovations in underwater caves would be perfect for us, with our various sun allergies. No doubt that people who do conveyancing and settlement are already making their plans. Things move so very fast here in Australia.

I remember just dipping my toes into the investment and conveyancing game, back in Romania. It was a different time, with different property ladders, and the process of dealing with conveyancing lawyers is so very different. So many loopholes, and unlike the ones here in Melbourne, they’re always trying to talk you into paying a little bit more. I was young, and I overreacted, inviting them to a special dinner at the mansion in response to them trying to swindle me.

I suppose everyone in Australia is just more friendly, even the property professionals who should, in my experience, be a little bit more conniving. Maybe I’m projecting just a touch of my ruthless business acumen whenever I walk into the offices of a conveyancing company. Cheltenham is no Romania. Still adjusting to a new country, and a new way of life.

And once the ocean market starts booming, that’s going to be all of us, starting from scratch.

-Ivanov Maxim Payler-Alucard