Just Bow Rails

If they’re bringing back the show about hair, I want to have more of ‘Real Steel’. It only lasted a year, but it managed to annihilate my insomnia, and now that my insomnia is back…well, you get it. It was still a good show though.

Basically, it was all about the bow rail industry, and the brave men and women transporting bow rails across the country in their trucks. We’d get very long shots of them in their trucks, driving to the pickup point, and loading up the back…with bow rails. Stainless steel, very good quality. Then they’d close up the truck, get in, and drive to wherever they were going to unload the bow rails, probably for the purposes of being welded to a ship.

Well…definitely. That’s what bow rails are for. Sometimes they’d show the people stopping off at a petrol station to get coffee, or snacks, and sometimes this would cause them to comment on the journey. They’d say things like “phew, long journey, with these bow rails” and “almost there, just a bit longer, and then I can deliver these bow rails.” But mostly it was a lot of driving. Driving, long roads, and then at the end of each episode they’d make their delivery and go home to sleep, but which time I myself would be sleeping. It was the absolute best thing for helping me to rest, but they only got one season. I heard tell that in the second season they were going to be transporting other things, like…stainless steel snapper racks, bait boards, all kinds of boating equipment. I guess you wouldn’t see them for most of the episode, since they’d be in the back of the van, but it’s the principle of the thing.

But I don’t think it’s coming back. I have to settle for ‘Dice Road Truckers’, which is the same thing, except they transport dice to Las Vegas, in trucks, through the desert. It’s alright. But I do like the steel aspect.