Big Home Build

I’ve just purchased a property on the outskirts of Melbourne, in an area that is close enough to the suburbs but is technically countryside. If you drive five minutes north of my property the houses are on quarter acres and pretty much on top of each other, and then if you drive down my street and surrounds, you see about one house per 500m. I currently live in suburbia, Cheltenham to be exact, and I’m looking forward to a slower pace of life when I retire in two years time. 

I’m a builder by trade and I have decided to build my house from the ground up, all by myself with help only from the hardware shop in Cheltenham. I will be going back and forth between the hardware store and my new property for the next two years, while I slowly build the house in between my job and other responsibilities. If I spent every day building my house with the group of blokes that I currently work with, it would probably take us about eight months to finish. The house is going to be grand and fit the acreage and vibe of the property perfectly.

It is the type of project that takes time to get right, and I will give it as much time as it needs. If the house hasn’t been completed once I finish work in two years, then I will spend every day on it until it is. I’m going to use the building supplies in Cheltenham to build a smaller guest house next to the main house so that my kids and their families can visit whenever they want. The property is in a stunning location with plenty of nature walks around, and it is definitely somewhere that my kids could holiday if they so choose. I want to give them the option to choose my house as their holiday destination.