Metal Attack Response

Dear Freethinker Tom. I am writing in response to your latest blog post, although I could not work out how to comment, so I have simply made a blog post on my own website in response. I hope that you find this post.

You, sir, are a complete and utter fool. To say that laser vision can’t melt steel beams is completely absurd. Laser vision can melt literally anything. It has the same power as a light blade from the Space Battles movies, and they are seen melting steel several times throughout the series. If laser vision from Super Duper Man can melt stone, as we have seen many times, there’s no reason it wouldn’t be able to melt steel beams.

I’m certain that structural steel fabricators around Melbourne were not used to construct the giant robot that recently attacked Melbourne. The robot had a clear design in the style of Dr Dark McBane’s previous diabolical inventions, suggesting that he was behind the attack. Super-Duper Man is a hero, saving the good people of Melbourne from this robot, and I will have you slander his name no longer.

While I appreciate that you have not blamed the metal suppliers close to Melbourne in your wild theory, there is little else in your post that can be respected. It is clear that you have some sort of vendetta against Super Duper Man, as all of your crazy theories target him. It seems much more likely that Dr Dark McBane has let the power go to his head as Premier, and decided to attack the city for his own sickening enjoyment.

I grow tired of people like you defending McBane despite his relentless assaults on Melbourne over the years. He is so evil that he faked getting a degree from a university that trains supervillains. He’s the worst of them all!

It’s time that you open your eyes and see the truth. It’s ironic that you claim to help others see the truth while having your own head buried so deep in the sand.

Good day, sir!