Making a Movie

I’ve got an awesome idea for a movie, but I need a dedicated team of video professionals to help me make it a reality. I’m not sure whether it should be a feature film or just a ten-minute short film, because I’m yet to get scripting. Either way, I think it is going to be a huge success. The movie starts with two helicopters flying over Port Phillip Bay, seeking something with their spotlights. Red smoke rises from a distant patch of water, and as the helicopters approach, they find the men they were looking for. One of them carries a dangerous secret. He knows the critical weakness of the massive space station that can destroy entire countries, floating above Australia, ready to strike. This opening scene should be pretty low budget—all we need is a couple of helicopters and some red smoke. I think a good video production company from Melbourne should be able to handle it.

From there, our hero must disguise himself as a mop and sneak into the space station with the janitor’s supplies. He has thirty minutes to destroy the space station and get out before it can use its laser beams on Australia. It’s a dangerous mission that only our protagonist can complete in time. This part will have a lot of fights, particularly with laser swords and blasters, so the CGI will have to be pretty good. I’ll need a video animation company that can handle all that.

Once his mission is complete, our noble hero returns to the surface of Earth to live in peace, feasting on gourds, his favourite kind of food. People celebrate the destruction of the space station, but the protagonist bears scars from the things he has done. How many people worked on that station? Will he ever be able to forgive himself for the crimes against humanity, committed by his hands? Probably, because he’ll need to do it again for the sequel.