Bigger Better Glassier

I’m proud to be part of something so prestigious, but I think we can take this club further. We all came together because we love cats, and when people are bound by a common passion, then they can channel that passion into something great! That line always goes down really well with my audience when I’m doing motivational speaking, and I’m planning to unleash it at the meeting on Tuesday night.

What I have to do is get people thinking about what they want the place to look like, and I’ll admittedly be doing it with some of my own ideas. For instance, imagine if we install new glass balustrades. Melbourne club members will probably be easy to win over with that bit of imagery – there’s something about the aesthetic of glass that’s truly elegant. It seems to evoke a glass-walled designer penthouse, and brings with it an associated brand of opulence. Then there’s the tinted glass windows on a passing luxury car, or the sunglasses of a A-list celebrity exiting a private aircraft. See? Luxury galore.

I might be running away with my glazier dreams here, but you get my point, which is really about classing up the club HQ in order to inspire our people to go further in doing what we do. When motivated by something they feel truly passionate about, people can do anything. We call love cats, obviously; that’s how we managed to come together and create this community in the first place. And here’s me wanting everything to be made of glass, because it’s what I like to see. Maybe I’ll give such a good speech that I transfer that passion onto everyone else, and then come Wednesday morning we have the best commercial glaziers Melbourne has to offer in here installing the balustrades.

As long as we really concentrate our efforts into making the club as good as it can be, I’m satisfied with my role.