Even More Boats?

Yep, boats. Golly, Week of Our Lives sure does have a lot of stories about boats. But I went on the forums and asked if anyone had noticed this, and we ended up having a really great discussion that put things into perspective. The sea is a fascinating place, filled with mystery and intrigue, and it has long been man’s obsession to tame its vast reaches. And yet, it remains wild and inexorable, a place of wonder and might and all the things that good stories are made of. Wow, I just learned so many words!

So yeah, another boat story, but it was a real cracker because Jenson has been getting outboard motor repairs from a company in Melbourne and people are starting to question his strange behaviour. Jenson is a bookish sort, never leaving the office and always lurking in the back of the coffee shop trying to work up the nerve to confess his love for Kelsey, the attractive hipster barista. Now Jenson is suddenly all charm and confidence, buying a boat and driving to Melbourne for his outboard motor servicing and coming back to boldly stride into the cafe and ask Kelsey to come on an evening boat ride with him. And I’m just like ‘where did THIS come from?’, but the intrigue doesn’t stop there because Jenson has been sneaking out to the back room at work to inject himself with a mysterious vial of red liquid that has an anchor symbol on it.

The forums are blazing, and the best theory I’ve seen is that he’s getting blood transfusions from a dashing sea captain that are changing his personality to become confident, suave and knowledgeable about things like quality Melbourne anchor winch repairs, which is most of what he talked about on his date with Kelsey, apart from that one point where he summoned a school of dolphins to put on an acrobatics show.

Oh, and there’s all the ‘yarr’s he’s inserting into his speech all of a sudden. But that could be nothing.