Green Energy Great

I’ve only been in Australia for a few weeks, but already I like a lot of the ways they do things. I like the idea of anyone being able to go to ANY cafe. Back in my home country, there’s a system for cafes and other public eateries so complicated that you can grow up …

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Bigger Better Glassier

I’m proud to be part of something so prestigious, but I think we can take this club further. We all came together because we love cats, and when people are bound by a common passion, then they can channel that passion into something great! That line always goes down really well with my audience when …

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I’m An Adult!

I’ve never really shopped for groceries, but I’m pretty sure I could, if I wanted to. It’s not like I mind going out and doing stuff; I just choose not to. And I could clean, if I wanted to. But if I did that, then my maid would be out of a job. See, I’m …

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