Deep House

House sitting: yep or nope? It’s a bit late for me to be asking, given that I’ve already signed up for a long-term gig, but it’s occurred to me that this might be just a tad more involved than it’s cracked up to be. I was thinking of it mainly in terms of free accommodation, but it’s starting to dawn on me that there’s a level of responsibility in the mix.

For example, I’ve just been looking through the thick info folder that the owner left with me, and it’s got all these numbers in the back. Some are emergency services, and others are for things like vet clinics, security companies and exterminators. There’s even a number for high pressure water jet drain cleaning. Melbourne house sitters, have you ever had to call in such a service? I mean, am I supposed to know what that even is?

I’m probably getting worked up about nothing. I’m sure the owner is just a detail-oriented person, and wants me to be prepared for any possible threat of damage to the house. That just makes me feel… well, responsible for a house. That’s clearly the whole point of the exercise, and I guess I don’t feel qualified. Still, isn’t that what this folder is for? It can’t be rocket science.

It’s just that I’ve never had to deal with an ant infestation, an overflowing gutter or even a blocked drain. Oakleigh homeowners, how regularly would say you deal with these kinds of events? Do you think they’re likely to arise over the next six months? And if so, what level of urgency am I required to respond with? Do you even know the answers to these questions, or are we all just as clueless as each other?

I’m guessing we might be, come to think of it. Honestly, who really knows anything about this stuff, besides pro drainage contractors, gutter de-clutterers, and the like? I mean, I’m supposedly a house sitter, and I barely know the first thing about that.