Dreaded tyre tread











I had the fright of my life the other day. Has anyone else ever been driving in their car and a scare where they’ve genuinely been worried that their time is about to be up? Well, that happened to be the other day. I was driving down a freeway at relatively high speeds. I wasn’t speeding or doing anything illegal like that. The road had a high speed limit due to the area it was in. I’m not too used to driving at high speeds, and the road was also quite wet. I don’t know what happened when I was driving but it felt like one of my wheels had clipped something and sent the car into the frenzy. 

I had lost total control of my vehicle. Before I knew it I was swerving all over the road. In the initial moment of panic, I grabbed the steering wheel to try to set myself back onto a straight path on the road. I slammed on my brakes as hard as I could, but sadly it did not help. Even with the brake engaged, my car continued to slip. Luckily there was a patch of grass to the left and I was able to inspect my tyres. As it happens, my tyres were bald.

I abandoned my car on the side of the road to get it towed. There was no way I was driving it until it had been to a professional tyre fitting expert. I’ve heard too many stories in my time about people driving cars that have bald tyres or other problems and have neglected it and gotten into an accident. I had the worst feeling in my belly at that moment and knew that driving my car would’ve been a terrible idea.

I got the car towed to the most recommended mechanic. Deception Bay is only ten minutes from where I was, and I knew there’d be a mechanic in the area. The mechanic told me my tyres were so bald that they were smooth! I’m glad I listened to my gut and refused to keep driving.