The Old Mechanics

With the benefit of hindsight, I’m not entirely sure I had the nicest childhood. Not that I’m being a negative Nancy or anything…I count my blessings where they fall. My parents gave me a roof over my head (the roof of the cupboard under the stairs), they gave me a ton of different skills in …

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Taking My Time

For example, knowing the best garages for vehicle inspections near Ringwood. This is my job, I take it very seriously, and obviously I’m going to get someone I trust to check out my car, make sure everything is working as it should, and that I’m getting the most out of it. Efficiency is one of …

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Friends Are Nice

Their latest joke was telling me that squeezing onion and lemon juice into my car’s oil tank would clear out the system so that I wouldn’t have to keep getting the oil changed. Well, one frantic search to a garage in Bentleigh for car servicing later, and don’t I feel silly! I just…well, I started …

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