I’m An Adult!

I’ve never really shopped for groceries, but I’m pretty sure I could, if I wanted to. It’s not like I mind going out and doing stuff; I just choose not to. And I could clean, if I wanted to. But if I did that, then my maid would be out of a job. See, I’m helping the economy!

Seriously, and my sister Jamilla has the absolute gall to call me ‘entitled’ and ‘helpless’. She says that I just ‘rely on daddy’s money’. Ugh, like Jamilla knows my life. I’ve never even invited her to my penthouse, because I hate her and I only see her at parties, so what would she know?

I proved her wrong this week, as well. Randomly flipped to the end of the phone book and found some companies that do window replacement and repairs. Melbourne has a few, it turns out. Who knew? I asked if they could come and fix some of my windows. They asked what the problem was, but, like… how would I know? Isn’t window replacement just something you get when you’re bored of the windows you have right now? I said that I’d like some sash windows, please, and they said that wasn’t really possible in a penthouse. Then I hung up because I felt like I was out of my depth with the conversation, but hey  – that was a first effort. I tried.

After that I was wondering what else I could do to prove my independence, so I went to the local supermarket thing and tried to buy some stuff. That was easy enough, although it turns out that bananas are NOT ten dollars each like I expected. When I got home, I realised I had no idea what to do with any of the stuff I’d bought.

Alright, so maybe I need a bit more experience. But I DID call up the people again and ask if they can do anything to renovate my apartment, like… anything at all. So I’m getting an aluminium door replacement on Friday. Like a grown up, in charge of my own life! That isn’t going to stop me from having breakfast cereal for dinner.