Feature Wall Zone

I’ve already established my reputation as the undisputed queen of personalisation. Everything I own is mine, and there shall be no quarrelling about that fact because is YOUR maths textbook covered in stickers and choice lines from my favourite shows? Yeah, no. I didn’t think so.

The great upside of this is that no one ever has any motivation to take my stuff, because of the aforementioned nerdy quotes and all the many ways in which I have vandalised my possessions in passionate ways. The downside is how inclined I feel to decorate everything I own in the proper Zoe colours. After a while it becomes sort of compulsive, but also a bit of a pain.

For my fifteenth birthday, and as kind of a five-year celebration for me being here for five years, I had a feature wall made with brick wallpaper. Basically, my Uncle just said I could have whatever I wanted for one wall. The result is the most glorious wall ever known to man. Its beauty is unparalleled.

Firefly is in one corner. I’d just watched the series and fallen in love straight away, so it had to be represented. Then there was the forest corner. I was going through a phase, but the fantasy and dragons are still pretty cool. All my favourite superheroes are in the kids room. The top corner is dedicated to wall art, all my best ones. Finally, the bottom left is inspired by Vincent van Gogh classic, ‘Starry Night’. It would have to be my favourite piece of art ever created.

My tastes and interests might change, but I’ll always love this wall. It’s a snapshot of me at the point in my life where I realised that I’d finally found a proper home. So I guess vintage wallpaper really can be therapeutic. Some people throw up quotes, or pictures of ponies. I go full-on mind-explosion. Because art is life.