Just Plain Anxious

Dooby-School used to be my favourite show. And what was not to love? A small-yet-brave and virtuous dog goes around staging mysteries so that owners of amusement parks can raise the funds to open their businesses again. I like a show with a good happy ending, which I guess is why I keep watching children’s television. It’s less likely that something is going to set me off. You mature grown ups can have your Bike-lock and Druthers. I just can’t watch that sort of thing without my fingers itching to call some sort of helpline. And then the helpline will put me in touch with a qualified therapist, and maybe even send me to stress management for students because that’s probably my main issue.

Phobias aren’t exactly fears, I’ll have you know. Personally, I think they’re a bit more insidious than that. They make you feel anxiety, but in the extreme, which I guess is like a really bad case of being stressed. You can’t control when you get hit by it; you just see it and you do. Although, and this is some real soul talk here, but I don’t know what people find so fascinating about action on-screen. It’s all people flying around and hitting each other, and that’s stressful. No one likes to be hit. True crime like Sleuther is even worse, because he deals with serious stuff. Super stressful. And then you get to horror, and I just can’t. I cannot fathom why anyone would be into that sort of thing. I’ve seen one horror film, the images stuck in my head and I was stressed out for the entire week afterwards.

That’s why I try to just watch kids’ TV during studying. Studying is bad enough without adding anything else stressful onto the top of it. I don’t know…maybe a stress management course really isn’t such a bad idea. They can’t take away everything, but my uni offers resources to that effect. Might take a little bit of the edge off.