Memorial Tattoo

September. It’s always been an extremely hard month for me. I’m a perky person the whole year until September hits. That’s when I become like a total stranger to myself, and those around me. I wake up the first day in September and am filled with absolute dread every day until the end of the month. It’s in that month my brother and my father passed away. It is also the same month my brother was born. He passed away when he was only seven years old, so it’s not like I knew him that well as we were kids but when this month comes around I always can’t help to wonder what would have been. What kind of kid would he have been at school? What interests would he have? Would he still be interested in playing football? From my memory, he absolutely loved playing footy as a kid. When September comes it is when I start reflecting on what kind of person he would have grown up to be. I also start thinking about all the bonding experiences I missed out on with my brother and my dad. To keep the memory of these two people alive, I booked an appointment with quite possibly the best realism tattoo artist Brisbane has to offer.

As every year passes, I feel the memories I have of my brother and father fade more and more. I feel guilty when this happens. My other family members tell me I shouldn’t feel like that as I was only five years old when they passed away. I’m twenty-nine now, so it’s expected that memories from over twenty years ago have become a distant memory. I’m planning to get a portrait tattoo of each of them and some things that remind me of them around the portrait. I’ll also get calligraphy of their birth and death dates plus each of their favourite quotes from shows we’d watch together. Ideally, I’d like a traditional tattooist to do the tattoo. I really want this piece to do justice to the love I have for these two people and help me keep their memories alive.