Taking My Time

I like to go slowly, which is why I got a job as a courier. I know that sounds a little counterproductive, but it really isn’t when you consider all the factors. I’m not a motorbike courier, so I don’t obnoxiously weave in and out of traffic like a total lunatic. Nobody likes that person. No…I drive a car, I stay in my lane, and I definitely stick to the speed limit. If there’s one thing worse than delivering a package late, it’s getting pulled over for speeding on company time, driving a company car. Never happened to me, and it never will. My deliveries are still on time, because it’s all about thinking smarter, not faster.

For example, knowing the best garages for vehicle inspections near Ringwood. This is my job, I take it very seriously, and obviously I’m going to get someone I trust to check out my car, make sure everything is working as it should, and that I’m getting the most out of it. Efficiency is one of the cornerstones of the job, alongside keeping within the limitation of the law. Another is courtesy to other drivers, so as to represent the company in a good light, and sometimes that means taking time to let people out even when you only have limited time to deliver. Good PR is just as important as delivering on time. And finally, knowing your route. I have an encyclopedic knowledge of Melbourne; like a living GPS. I know just where to dart into a little side-street to get where I want, and I know exactly where all the speed signs are, and I know what constitutes a school zone and where they are located…

As you can see, delivering at a medium pace requires some degree of preparation, but that’s what I’m built for. And it comes in handy in regular life as well. No speeding tickets, easy access to wherever I want to go, and knowledge of where to get the best brake pad replacement Ringwood has to offer. Got to go slow, that’s the motto. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have places to be.