Friends Are Nice

Sometimes I get annoyed at the wacky pranks my friends play on me. Then I think, it’s all in good fun. It’s my fault for being friends with wacky pranksters in the first place! Besides, pranks are just a way to show that you’re part of a group. People are comfortable enough to do that sort of thing to you, so…it’s cool. Wish I was that creative; instead, I’m just gullible.

Their latest joke was telling me that squeezing onion and lemon juice into my car’s oil tank would clear out the system so that I wouldn’t have to keep getting the oil changed. Well, one frantic search to a garage in Bentleigh for car servicing later, and don’t I feel silly! I just…well, I started with the lemon, and it just smelled so tart and fresh that I knew I HAD to fill the thing with it, so my whole car will be clean AND the exhaust would smell wonderful. So I went through…oh, eighty lemons, maybe a few more? Anyway, you’re not supposed to do that to your car, says the car mechanic man. Only oil in the oil tank, petrol in the petrol tank, and water for the windscreen washers.

Didn’t I feel silly! That was almost as good a prank as that one time when they all said they drive around with half the recommended amount of air in their tires during wet weather, because it makes the tires squidgy and they grip the road better. Sounded good to me, so I did it, and…well, that one landed me in hospital for three months, my car written off. It took me a while to see the funny side in that one, but I did eventually, ha-ha!

They mean no harm. And they even had some recommendations for some great brake repair garages in Moorabbin after the messed with my brakes for a giggle. As it turned out I nearly drove into a lake because…well, I had no brakes. But that was quite clever; a two-tiered prank. Sure is creative of them.